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 A C replacement and repairing of air conditioning systems in Mississauga . Need a new air conditioning unit or repair of your old ac units? We can repair most broken air conditioning systems until you can afford a new one ac. Most repair of air conditioners are under 200.00.

A C repair company for cooling, gas line installations furnace water heating parts, including humidifiers Hepa filters cleaning oil, financing duct air conditioning parts manufactures liners tankless water heaters.

We service Mississauga Oakville Burlington Milton for air conditioning repairs installs and serving of ac systems in Mississauga.

AC contractors for repairs of  heating, your  local service and repair  maintenance company. AC cooling and HVAC are our specialty. We pride ourselves in providing professional service in a timely manner. We offer a complete selection of gas products as well to suit your home or office as well as advice and ideas to improve home A C efficiency. Need repair ? Look now further than than Thorne Mechanical for all your repair

Local  sales and service in Mississauga Oakville Burlington and surrounding area. We a are professional licensed cooling specialist who can assist you in your air conditioning repairs and purchases to help you find the ventilation products that best match your home or business.

From duct cleaning service to tankless gas water heater repair. Thermostats, humidifier repair , furnace repair and installations, to saving you on the cost of a new heating system with the energy rebate program.

Natural resources Canada and your local provincial government have outlined an incentive program. (Government rebates) to save energy. They generously have got together to offer home owners cash rebates  for  air conditioning and heating system. Along with the cool savings rebate consumers save large.


We are a professional licensed Mississauga company for repair services repairing ac systems with thousands of customers who trust us to provide them with repair installations and servicing. Our A C business is proud to have grown from customer referrals from friends and relatives.

 Start saving on your cooling and heating now! Financing is always  available. Call us for air conditioning services of all kinds from repair service  fixing cleaning to ac installations.


Air conditioners and A C sales Installation repairs

  • A C installation, repairs and cleaning.
  • Install, repair central air conditioning units and ac,s.
  • Finanching
  • A C coil replacement.
  •  Repairs also include pool heaters, humidifiers, air cleaners, chimney liners, sheet metal ducting
     underground gas piping.
    Sales repairs:
    Air conditioners
    Government rebates

Come into our store and see what our ac service company can do for you.

A C Repair services of central air and cooling systems. sales service repairing of air conditioner and air conditioning contractors.

 service and repair areas :

Mississauga Oakville Etobicoke
North York
The Beaches
Richmond Hill


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Sales and service areas for AC servicing GTA, Mississauga, Oakville, North York, Scarborough, The Beaches, Etobicoke, Milton, Georgetown, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thorn hill, Brampton air conditioning repairs Mississauga and air conditioner services Oakville. AC replacement and servicing of air conditioners.